Hyped to announce our new mini-project. A blend of a scavenger hunt, sticker bombing, and technology. It's super easy to enter and 10x prize packs to be won. The top prize is a one-off signed print, studio tour with the PBC crew, and then treated to an all-expenses tear up at Spoons. 


1. Find and scan the 3 PBC QR stickers. Click the link to the secret PBC website page.  

2. Watch the new animations and get the secret word at the end.

3. Drop us your 3 answers via the contact form on the website to be entered into the prize draw. 


Comp runs from 01/05/22 to 30/6/22. Winners will be emailed directly. T&Cs apply. 

After this competition, we will be updated in the QR so they lead you to new animation each month to keep you up to date with all things PBC.